President’s Message from Brenda Rich

I grew up in an Orthodox section of Boston in an apartment three levels above a butcher, next to a fish monger who sold herring from a barrel. My mother lit candles on Friday night, and my father, who immigrated from the Pale of Settlement in the 1920’s, worked hard to provide for us. Except for my first and only week in kindergarten at our local Yeshiva, I had no formal Jewish education. We were Jewish only culturally, but did not consider ourselves religious.

I only started to learn about Judaism and appreciate the beauty it gives daily living after we joined our first synagogue in Granada Hills, CA. The love and appreciation of Judaism grew even greater when we joined Congregation Am HaYam.

Through Congregation Am HaYam I have family and found community. I love that our members come from and respect all differing backgrounds, that we encourage each other on our paths to understanding the thinking of our great rabbis, that we celebrate and remember our history, and that we find comfort in our traditions.

I welcome you and invite you to join us. In whatever way you wish to participate, you will have a home with us at Congregation Am HaYam.