The Jewish people share a common history that has endured through millennia, but it is our diversity that has kept our traditions energized and relevant. At Congregation Am HaYam we welcome Conservative Jews as well as Jews from other traditions; Jews in mixed families, Jews who are single, Jews who are LGBTQ+ or non-binary, and non-Jews wishing to pursue a Jewish path of meaning, and those who seek Judaism for the first time. All are welcome!

We invite you to join our Congregation and participate in activities that are meaningful to you.

Our Shabbat services are held on the 1st and 3rd Shabbatot of the month. Most often our services are held in our sanctuary and live streamed. Selected services are held via Zoom. Friday nights services are either at 8 p.m. (live/live stream) or 7 p.m. (Zoom). Saturday mornings, always at 10 a.m., blend the traditional with the contemporary. See Calendar here

We celebrate all major Jewish Holidays in ways that honor our history and relate to today’s world. In addition we celebrate some Israeli holidays and commemorate other important days related to distant and more recent history.

Our Education Program includes weekly study groups and a quarterly Book Club focused on Jewish authors, topics and genres that awaken ideas and deepen our understanding of our people’s struggles and contributions.

Our Social Justice Committee turns our aspirations and hopes into concrete action to help those in our community who are in need.

Congregation Am HaYam invites all to visit and to join our services and programs. However our synagogue, like all religious organizations, depends upon donations and membership to finance our expenses. We work hard to keep our annual dues and High Holy Days tickets, reasonably priced.

Please consider becoming a member. We welcome you with open arms. If however, finances are a hindrance to your participation, please contact Brenda Rich ( to discuss an accommodation. We hope to never turn anyone away. To make a donation, see our giving page here.


Annual Membership Fees

  • Family – $1000
  • Single – $850
  • Young Married – $500
  • Associate – $250
  • Students under 26 and Military –  no cost

Five Reasons to Become a Member of Congregation Am HaYam

  1. When you attend Congregation Am HaYam, whether for religious, social, educational or cultural programs, you may come as a stranger but you will leave as a friend.
  2. Rabbi J.B. Sacks, an 18th generation Rabbi, educates, elucidates, inspires and comforts all who are in his presence.
  3. We are currently a small congregation, so your ideas, energy and involvement matter. We listen. We welcome your suggestions. You can make a difference.
  4. We are a place for Jews from all traditions and for those who seek connection to the traditions and teachings that have sustained our people from generation to generation.
  5. We offer a place where you can practice hesed (loving kindness), kedusha (holiness) and tzedek (justice), acting as G-d’s partners, embodying G-d’s passion and involvement on behalf of all life.

Please fill out our Contact Form or call 805-644-2899 with your questions. Someone will be back in touch with you promptly!