Passover: Passover has us recall the story of our ancestors’ liberation from slavery in מצרים, Egypt, under G!d’s direction and Moses’ leadership, in order to help us consider in what ways we still need liberating from Egypt (the Hebrew means “narrow, or restrictive, place”) in our own lives, and within our own hearts. 

We formally, yet in a fun and compelling way, do this on the first two nights with a סדר, a Seder, which uses story-telling, Midrash (myth), song, food, and more to give us a complete experience.

The liberation was not an event, but a process, since the Seder is not the end of the story. Rather, the seventh day of Passover commemorates the crossing of the Red Sea, when our ancestors were finally free. During the week we eat מצה, matzah, unleavened bread which begins the holiday as the “bread of affliction” but which gets transformed into the “taste of freedom.”

At Congregation Am HaYam, we have a meaningful and joyous, interactive community Seder experience, with a celebratory meal.

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Services incorporate special prayers, songs, readings, melodies, meditations, and more. 

On the eighth day, we include our own special Yizkor (Memorial Service), to recall loved ones whom we especially miss at important holiday moments.


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