Hanukkah:  The Festival of Lights commemorates the Maccabean victory over the Syrians in 165 BCE and the rededication of the temple which had been defiled by King Antiochus and his Syrian Greek army.

On each of the eight nights we light an additional candle, eat  latkes (potato pancakes) and  sufganiyot (jellied donuts) and spin the dreidel (four-sided holiday top), all  to commemorate our  liberation from oppression, freedom to worship, and finding light in the darkest of times.

Here at Congregation Am HaYam, we have festive Hanukkah services and programming that includes singing, decorating the Synagogue, enjoying the holiday food, exploring Hanukkah poetry, and having special learning opportunities about Hanukkah and the themes it raises.

Check the calendar for dates, times and place

Hanukkah 5782/2021 at Congregation Am HaYam

Rabbi Sacks’ Hanukkah Message 5782/2021

Eight Nights of Hanukkah–and lots of opportunities to celebrate with your CAH family! All of our classes during Hanukkah will be presented with a view toward Hanukkah. And, of course, our Shabbat services during Hanukkah will be filled with the aura and joy of Hanukkah: Hanukkah songs, lore, learning, readings, and more!

See it all on the chart below! You can print this off and place it on your refrigerator, or add the dates you plan to join us on your personal calendar. In any event, we look forward to celebrating Hanukkah with you!

Monday, Nov. 29(via Zoom)7-8 p.m.Rediscovering Conservative Judaism(with Rabbi Sacks)Second Night of Hanukkah:Hanukkah Community Candle Lighting Hanukkah in Conservative Judaism
Wednesday, Dec. 1(via Zoom)11 a.m.-12 noonTorah Talks with Maayan(with Student Rabbi Maayan Lev)Third Day of Hanukkah:Learning and discussion of special Hanukkah material!
Thursday, December 2(via Zoom)7-8 p.m.Using Our Character Strengths/Middot Class(with Fran Lande)Fifth Night of Hanukkah:Hanukkah Community Candle LightingConnecting of middot (character strengths) to Hanukkah! 
Friday, December 3(both at our CAH home and via YouTube)8 p.m.Shabbat Hanukkah services(led by Rabbi Sacks and Student Rabbi Maayan Lev)Sixth Night of Hanukkah:Services for Shabbat, including Hanukkah songs and special readings, followed by a Oneg with Hanukkah treats 
Saturday, December 4(both at our CAH home and via YouTube)10 a.m.Shabbat Hanukkah services(led by Rabbi Sacks and Student Rabbi Maayan Lev)Sixth Morning of Hanukkah:Eid al-B’nat/Chag HaBanot celebration of the women heroes of Hanukkah and at CAH!Services for Shabbat, including Hanukkah songs, special readings, and discussion, followed by a Kiddush luncheon, including latkes/potato pancakes! (reservations necessary by Emailing Brenda by November 30. Get more info from our website!)
Sunday, December 5(via Zoom) 5-6 p.m.Sing along for Hope (with Andrea Massion)Eighth Evening of Hanukkah:Hanukkah Community Candle Lighting An evening devoted to Hanukkah songs!

Click Here to play our Hanukkah Word Search Game, created by Rabbi Sacks