Congregation Am HaYam


● We are a progressive, egalitarian, and inclusive congregation.

● We embrace the Conservative Movement’s thoughtful, germane, and sometimes challenging interplay between innovation and tradition, and wish to participate in creating and maintaining an engaging synthesis of the two.

● We strive to create a community in which Judaism feels central, indispensable, and relevant to twenty-first century life.

● We believe that the values of Torah (exploring the accumulated wisdom of our tradition), Chesed (extending kindness, hospitality, and generosity to others) and K’dushah (bringing God and holiness into life’s every day and sacred moments) can provide us with direction, meaning, and connection in an evolving world.

Torah: Exploring The Accumulated Wisdom Of Our Tradition
● We believe in the importance of studying Jewish values, traditions, wisdom, history, and the Hebrew language.
● We believe that this knowledge gives us a foundation that can anchor and guide us through our lives.
● We believe that Jewish learning and Jewish literacy will ensure the continuity of Jewish life and tradition from one generation to another.

Chesed: Extending Kindness, Hospitality And Generosity To Others
● We believe that how we welcome and care for those in our midst defines us.
● We are an inclusive congregation, and we treat one another with civility, respect, and kindness.
● We are aware of, and grateful for, our blessings, and we are committed to sharing and giving generously to others within our community, the greater Jewish community, Israel, and the world.

K’dushah: Bringing God And Holiness Into Life’s Every Day And Sacred Moments
● We believe that through communal prayer experiences, creative holiday programs, and meaningful life cycle rituals our lives will be enriched.
● We come together for spiritual and personal deepening through prayer and ritual, to support each other through life’s challenges and celebrations, to mark life’s milestones, and to observe and/or celebrate holy days and holidays.
● We believe these experiences enable us to feel connected to something greater than ourselves–a tradition and community upon which we can rely.