When are regular Sabbath services?   CAH holds Sabbath services on the first and third weekends of each month.  Services begin at 8:00 pm on Friday nights and 10:00 am on Saturday mornings.  Times for virtual services may change, so please check the calendar for dates and times.

Is the temple accessible to wheelchairs, walkers and do you have handicapped parking?   Yes, we have ample, well-paved and well-lit parking.   The interior of the building is on one level and meets all ADA requirements, including a ramp to the Bimah.

Do you have to be a member to attend services?  Our doors are open to all who wish to participate. We encourage our members to bring family and friends to enjoy our services and programs. 

What educational classes do you offer?   Our Learning Page lists the classes that we offer which include , Significant Jewish Book Club, Singing Along for Healing and Hope,  periodic in-depth studies of Middot,  and other areas of Jewish intellectual thought and history.

Can I participate in services and classes from home?   Services and classes will resume in-person depending upon the severity of COVID, but we will continue to offer many classes on Zoom and will soon have the capability to live stream our services.   Check the calendar for dates and times.

Do you use musical instruments during services or have a choir?  We do not have a choir, but Rabbi J.B. Sacks uses instruments to accompany singing during services and draws melodies from the many traditions of Jewish life from around the world.

Is your kitchen kosher?  Yes.  All food served or brought inside CAH is kosher.

What are membership fees?   See Membership information about membership fees.