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The Witness of Conscience

The Witness of Conscience Our tradition tells of a certain rabbi with a strict sense of justice. Far and wide he was known as an incorruptible judge. One day his own wife raised an outcry because she believed that the housekeeper had stolen a piece of jewelry that was of...

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STARTING OVER  Every morning, weekday or Shabbat, we Jews traditionally praise G!d as m’chadesh ma’asei v’reishit, “the Renewer of Creation.”[1] G!d fashions something new each and every day. That includes renewing us, so that we can live out in wholeness what life may bring us this, and every, day. We...

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What’s New?

We have a new set of programs called Limnot Yameinu Kein Hoda: Graceful Aging. This program takes into account specific mental health issues and concerns related to today’s seniors (and those who love them!) and gives a variety of helpful ways for us to frame our our situation at this life juncture.

This series of programs was made possible by a grant from the Pacific Southwest Region of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and and Joseph P. Reardon.

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Purim’s coming!–let’s think about giving Mishloach Manot!

Purim will be celebrated on the evening of Saturday March 23 and continues through Sunday, March 24.

This year CAH is once again participating in the custom of mishloach manot. Also known as mishloach manos or shortened to sh’lach manos, these are goodies (all kosher) given out at Purim. These bags or baskets are given to relatives, friends, teachers, neighbors, business associates, and any other acquaintances you may have.

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On Tuesday, December 5  Rabbi Moshe Druin, a master sofer (scribe), storytelling educator, and renowned public speaker inaugurated our special Torah Scroll campaign Rabbi Druin spoke of the importance of maintaining Torah scrolls in Jewish community life, and the work that he does as a sofer. Perhaps most special for all of us in attendance, he told us about our own sifrei Torah–their provenance and special features. Rabbi Druin inspired all of us!

This kicked of our Torah Maintenance Fund Raising Campaign and thank those who have contributedClick for more info.



Ometz Lev/Strengthening Our Hearts – A Weekly Zoom Meetup

Wednesdays Feb 7th and 14th, 4- 4:30 p.m. 

Join members of Congregation Am HaYam and and Congregation Beth Shalom in Palm Desert, for a weekly time to share prayers, concerns, readings and connect over Israel.

Facilitated by Rabbis J.B. Sacks, Fran Lande

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