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Indispensable in Our Small Parts

From the Rabbi’s Study  Indispensable in Our Small Parts  Humans seem to have evolved from common ancestors. Scientist point to homo habilus.“handy man,” and others that are part of the homo grouping, known for their brain size and structure, and their use of tools. Homo habilus existed between 1.4 million...

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To Live All The Days of Our Lives

Judge Joseph Franklin Rutherford¹ a major figure in the development of Jehovah’s Witnesses, preached the motto they quickly adopted: “Millions now living will never die.” One observer remarked, “Yes, but the tragedy is that millions now living are already dead but do not know it.” In line with this observer,...

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What’s New?

Exciting changes in our Lifelong Learning class schedule.  A few classes are no longer offered. New classes are coming soon including one taught by our Rabbinic Intern Maayan. Keep on eye on this section as well as the Learning page and the Events Calendar!

Upcoming Significant Jewish Books for the Book Club. Start reading now!! Here’s the list.

USCJ ScholarStream Progam – Inspiring Free Classes Starting October 6th. Registration and Information

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